Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Haircut!

Sunny is currently getting her first haircut at the groomer's so I thought I could give you all an update. She's learned a lot in these last few weeks and has become a part of the family. It's strange to not have her cuddled up by my feet or bringing me a toy as I am typing, asking, "Will you play with me?" She is still a sweet little girl with a lot of energy but is doing much better now that she has learned "off" and is getting pretty good at it. We're thinking she'll grow up into a great doggie! Right now, she is 7.5 lbs and it looks like she won't get up to where her breeder said she might, she'll likely stay on the lower end of that range (maybe just 15 lbs!). Once I have pictures of her haircut, I'll post those. Then, she'll be ready to see the world.

Before: I'm cute, but help me since I can't see mommy!

Back from the groomer's and we are happy! She came out and was happy to see me, but gave her groomer kisses before she left and was wagging her tail the whole time we talked. She's a little poodle-y looking, but her groomer said to let her know what I'd like her to do for next time, she gave her the standard "puppy cut" this time. She seems like she shrunk down (she's got a lot of fur) and it makes her look almost dainty with her paws trimmed so nicely.

After: I look a bit like my dad, but I'm still pretty cute! I think it's maybe that the sides of her face were trimmed shorter than the top. We'll be back though.

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