Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunny's First Two Days

So far Sunny is catching on to daily life wonderfully! She is so cute and loves to play outside and inside. We're thinking she might like agility later because of how well she runs and jumps to chase her toys. She's also a little bundle of love whenever I pick her up and is super calm when held, which really helps with Grandma.

She has learned:
  • where her food spot is
  • where her potty spot is
  • to follow me around :)
  • to sleep through the night (yes!)
  • the command "Sit"

She's working on:
  • walking on leash happily
  • staying in crate without whining when we go somewhere (going on 20 minutes now)
  • bite inhibition
  • playing fetch with her Wubba toy

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