Sunday, June 12, 2011

Twelve Weeks Old

Sunny is quickly becoming a part of the Tucker family! She's gotten where she recognizes her name and mostly comes to it, knows the family's voices and who does what. I'm the food lady and bring all toys. My Dad is the chew toy/playmate. My mom is a fun person who throws a ball when she wants it and holds her while I eat my breakfast. My Grandma is fun and likes to play but is a bit dangerous because she likes to trap her with her feet. We're trying to break her of this habit. Thus far she doesn't really want to eat for anyone but me, but she'll eat a little midday.

She likes to chase my fingers on the computer, loves her new bones (though she likes my laundry better), and really likes people. She's not so sure about dogs yet, but she does like her neighbor dog Mika! They all want to know what she is and how does a "goldendoodle" happen. So, Helen, you get a lot of free publicity whenever I take her out. She's in need of a bath so I'm hoping to get pictures of that tonight!

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